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There comes a point in time when every home owner contemplates replacing their boiler with a new one. Generally speaking, boilers are not manufactured with expiry dates. This makes it incredibly challenging for homeowners to invest in a new boiler before their previous one gives up. You should make sure that regular landlord gas safety checks, includes a thorough boiler inspection. Boilers tend to give up out of nowhere and can prove to be quite frustrating, costly and dangerous.

The boiler is one of the most intensively used household appliances and no one wants to go through the horror of suddenly finding out that their boiler has to be replaced. If you are currently dealing with constant boiler break downs and repairs, you have come to the right place. In this guide we will highlight the tell-tale signs which indicate that you should consider investing in a new boiler.

If Your Boiler Is More Than Ten Years Old

One of the most prominent signs which indicates that you should invest in a new boiler is the current age of your boiler. If you have had the boiler for more than ten years, then please consider investing in a new one as soon as possible. Boilers have a lifespan of ten years, after which they can give up at any time. Even if your boiler is working perfectly fine, we would recommend investing in a new one as the older models cannot compare to the efficiency of newer technology. We have come a very long way in the past decade as you can find eco-friendly boilers with a myriad of safety features and smart controls. A new model can actually help you save a ton of money on utility bills and the smart control options will make your life so much easier.

smart control options

Regular Boiler Breakdowns and Repairs

As mentioned before, if your boiler constantly breakdowns and requires repairs then there is a very high chance that your unit has to be replaced. When a boiler has expired, it will constantly breakdown and will even consume more energy and hence increase your expenses. Even the regular repairs can take a huge toll on your budget and that is your hard earned money being wasted. All of this money you are spending on boiler repairs, parts and maintenance will actually cost more than a new boiler! Most boiler repair services offer free quotes which includes unit cost and boiler installation. So you can easily find out how much a new unit will cost and invest in one accordingly.

Your bills keep increasing every month

If you have noticed a sudden continuous spike in your utility bills, then there is a very high chance that your boiler is consuming more energy than it normally would. With time your utility bills will keep increasing and you will eventually have no choice but to replace your boiler. Why spend so much money unnecessarily when you can invest in new one now? Newer models are brilliantly engineered to consume as little energy as possible, you will actually see a substantial decrease in your utility bills and can also control the amount of energy your unit consumes.

Your Boiler Constantly Makes Noise

One of the most prominent signs which indicates that you need a new boiler is if your current unit makes a lot of noise. These noises you hear are actually called kittling sounds and are normally caused when a substantial amount of lime scale accumulates on the heat exchanger. While gurgling noises occur when there is air present in the system or if there is a blockage. This noise can also be caused by sediment which starts to accumulate at the bottom of your boiler. If you are hearing these sounds constantly, then please consider it time to invest in a new one. Boilers are inherently designed to work silently and only make noise when something is wrong. You can try investing in power flushing but if that does not solve the problem, you will need to replace your unit.

need to replace your unit

You Have Noticed an Odor Emitting From Your Boiler 

If you have recently noticed that your boiler is emitting a peculiar odor then there is a very high chance that your boiler is leaking. Although carbon dioxide is odorless, gas companies add a scent to help people catch a leak. This can be very dangerous and you should immediately contact a professional to inspect your unit. This leak will increase your utility bills and will eventually become a huge problem, so make sure you get a landlord gas safety check.

So if you have noticed any of the aforementioned signs, please consider this as a sure shot sign that it is time to replace your current boiler. Rest assured, a certified technician can determine the remaining lifespan of your unit and can help you replace the unit at the right time.

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