Our Services


We provide a wide range of plumbing and heating related services. With our high-tech equipment and our extremely trained staff, we are ready to cater to any plumbing and heating related service. We also provide free consultation services so you can discuss and decide what is best for you. Our vision is clear and simple, we want happy customers and we can do anything possible to ensure that. We provide the best while making sure that the client is not financially burdened. Selecting our services would save you travel charges and we provide free estimates. Our highly efficient and agile team is ready 24 hours to respond to any unforeseen emergency.

Here is a list of services that we offer for our valued customers:

Landlord gas safety

Some laws bind landlords to take the necessary steps to make the place safe for the tenants. If tenants face any sort of gas-related emergencies that are caused due to the landlord’s carelessness, then landlords are held accountable. We offer complete gas-related investigations and fix the issues so that the place becomes safe for the tenant. Contact us to book an appointment for the expert investigation team and make the place safe to reside.


Boiler servicing

According to experts, regular servicing can increase the life of a boiler and can prevent the chance of severe damages. It also helps in identifying the time when a boiler might need to be changed. We master at servicing all sorts of boilers. Call us to book an appointment and get a quote for getting your boiler serviced.  

Boiler Installation

Is your boiler not functioning properly or are you planning to install the one with the latest features and better options? Contact us for getting a new boiler installed or replacing the current one. Our team is highly skilled in installing boilers of any size and type.

Boiler breakdowns and repairs

Boiler breakdowns can be easily solved if addressed timely. However, delay in getting the breakdowns repaired can prove to be costly, and even a small damage can magnify to the point where replacing the boiler altogether becomes necessary. Contact our experts to get the boilers repaired.

System conversions and upgrades

Do you wish to upgrade or modify your existing heating system? Do you wish to install systems which are convenient to use and has better options? Contact our team to enquire further about the procedures for installation of upgraded or modified systems.

Power flushing

Over time, heating systems may experience poor circulation, which results in an inefficient performance of the heating system. Power flushing is a simple process that thoroughly cleans your central heating systems and makes it perform more efficiently. It cleans the system internally and makes it as good as new again. To enquire more and book an appointment feel free to call our experts.

Gas leak investigation and repair

Caution needs to be observed when it comes to dealing with gas issues. Even slightest leaks can result in unfortunate hazards. Experts suggest that gas systems must be checked regularly to avoid any plausible gas-related incidents. We offer a thorough check-up of gas systems where we investigate for the leaks and fix them if found. Call our gas leak investigating experts and make yourself safe. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Nest & Hive Installation

We are proficient when it comes to installing the best thermostats available. Nest and Hive are the best available devices and have to be installed with care for it to deliver the results. Contact our support team to get details about the products and get installed what is best suited to your needs.

Consult us for any heating or plumbing problem and we will provide you the best available solution.