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We are a West London based company that provides heating and plumbing services to households. Our customer centric approach is what keeps us motivated towards performing the best for our client. Customer satisfaction is our top most priority and happy customers is what drives our team to work. We have the field related expertise of over ten years. Adept is driven by the mission of being the best service provider for heating and plumbing services amongst the local service providers. With highly clear mission and our customer centric approach, we aim to provide you the best.

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Experienced staff

plumbing and heating is a delicate task. Mistreatment and carelessness can cause hazards. Our team is highly professional and experienced which aims to provide you the best service while ensuring safety.

Best high-tech equipment:

Our highly modernized equipment allows us to perform the task with efficiency and precision. With best equipment available, we ensure that you get the best.

Care and Passion

Caring for our customers is our top most priority. Our staff works passionately and ensure that they are careful with each process. They are trained in such way that care and passion is inculcated in them so that our clients are satisfied completely.

Our Services
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We provide a wide range of plumbing and heating related services. With our high-tech equipment and our extremely trained staff, we are ready to cater to any plumbing and heating related service. We also provide free consultation services so you can discuss and decide what is best for you. Our vision is clear and simple, we want happy customers and we can do anything possible to ensure that. We provide the best while making sure that the client is not financially burdened. Selecting our services would save you travel charges and we provide free estimates. Our highly efficient and agile team is ready 24 hours to respond to any unforeseen emergency.

Here is a list of services that we offer for our valued customers:

  1. Landlord gas safety check
  2. Boiler servicing
  3. Boiler installation
  4. Boiler break downs and repairs,
  5. System conversions and upgrades
  6. Power flushing
  7. Gas leak investigation and repair
  8. All domestic gas work
  9. All domestic plumbing
  10. Bathroom installation
  11. Nest & hive installation
  12. Emergency call out

Consult us for any heating or plumbing problem and we will provide you the best available solution.

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Experienced Plumbers offering quality plumbing services.

Our team of dedicated professionals are highly trained to deal with any plumbing and heating problems. We aim to provide the best services to our clients. With highly agile and efficient staff, we are prepared to cater any emergency situation. We have carefully devised customer friendly policies to ensure that our clients are happy and satisfied with the dealings. We have no travel charges and we provide estimates for free. A client’s satisfaction is our top priority and that is what we aim to achieve.

  • 24 –Hours Emergency Services
  • Uniformed, Licensed Plumbers
  • No Travel Charges
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Licensed and Insured

What Our Customers Says
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Joe Marshall

Highly satisfied by the services of Adept Plumbing and heating ltd. Their representatives were highly professional and polite in their dealings. Highly recommended.

Alex Matthew

I had an unexpected gas emergency at my house and had no other option but to contact Adept ltd. I was ambiguous about their services but to my surprises they surpassed all expectations. Their emergency team arrived before the expected time and handled the situation completely. I really recommend their services to anyone facing any sort of plumbing issues.

Samuel Jones

I was recommended to consult Adept ltd. by a friend who was a satisfied client. These guys managed to completely eradicate the leakage issues that popped up at my house every couple of months. Sincere thanks to the friend who recommended me Adept. Will surely recommend others to try their services.

General Questions

What are the common reasons due to which pipe corrosion occurs?

Ans. There are multiple things that lead to pipe corrosion. Usually, the primary reasons are related to water quality, including:

  1. Chemicals in water
  2. The pH level of water
  3. The range of temperature of the water
  4. The pressure of water moving through pipes
  5. Amount of oxygen in the water

How often should I replace the boiler at my house?

According to experts, a decent boiler generally has a life of 10 to 15 years. If the boiler is properly looked after, it might even last longer. Generally, people choose to repair boilers whenever there’s a problem since repairing it more convenient than replacing it. However, when repairs become too expensive, or the boilers start requiring repairs frequently, then it is time to replace it. In such situations you must decide to opt for a new boiler; this would save you money in the long run. Consulting an expert is advised in such situations as they can rightly guide you about the right process and time to change the boiler.

How often should I get my boiler serviced?

According to expert, getting the boiler serviced regularly helps elongate its lifespan. It is suggested to get the device serviced once annually.

What Should I do if I smell gas leak?

Gas leaks can be hazardous if dealt carelessly. If you smell a gas leak evacuate the place immediately. Call emergency experts and till the experts arrive to make sure to not light matches, start a car, or use any electronic appliances that could spark a fire.

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